Britmet – Angle Ridge – Rustic Brown (1250mm)


Overview of the Britmet – Angle Ridge

  • Part of a complete system – compliments other products in the Britmet range 
  • Gorgeous granulated finish – keeps your roof looking splendid and noise from rainfall low 
  • No maintenence required – no fixing and repairing once installed 
  • Highly versatile – useable on both 0.9mm and 0.45mm 
  • Cover length – 1.15m 

This angle ridge is part of the lightweight tile range from Britmet, and has been designed specifcially to be compatible with the Britmet range of synthetic lightweight tiles. It is a fully dry fixable component, meaning no cement or mortar is needed to properly attach it to your roof. 

The piece also features a granulated finish, which allows for a huge deduction in noise transfer when compared to smoother tiles. This means that far less noise is made during rainfall or hail. 

With no maintenance required, this accessory will continue to perform fantastically long after installation. It is suitable for metal tiles of both 0.9mm and 0.45mm varieties, and is available in 6 eye-catching colours. 




Rustic Brown


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