Britmet Lightweight Metal Roof – Profile 49


The Britmet Lightweight Roofing lightweight Profile 49 is a classic British profile, now available with all the benefits that only Britmet Lightweight Roofing systems can offer.

The beautiful contoured tile design offer a great alternative to concrete tiles, offering classic traditional aesthetics and contempory style, while still offering all the quality and security.

The Profile 49 is pressed form the high quality Aluzinc steel, in a 0.45mm and 0.9mm thickness, allow for a strong secure roof. Available in 7 colours and can be fixed to a roof pitch as low as 10 degrees.

Britmet Lightweight Roofing Profile 49 is a stand out choice for all your roofing projects. Manufactured in Britain, allowing for quick deliveries. Weighs 1/7  weight of concrete tiles,  maintenance free and unsurpassed protection from heavy foot traffic, when using our 0.9mm range. The Profile 49 is easy to install offering good durability, easy to handle and is fully dry fixed system, with a large range of accessories.  The Profile 49 offers a quick and easy roofing solution.



Features & Benefits 

  • Only Redland 49 imitation tile
  • Designed to give a traditional tile appearance
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum pitch 10 degrees
  • Good vandal resistance (0.9mm steel base)
  • Easy to handle
  • Offers reduced sub-structure
  • Quick Installation
  • Less labour intensive
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Extensive range of accessories and flashings available
  • Fully dry-fixed
  • Guaranteed for 40-years against weather penetration
  • Full technical support available
  • Only 2.04 tiles per m2
  • British manufactured


Technical Information

Min. pitch: 10 °
Max. pitch: 90°
Overall width: 1420mm
Cover width: 1315mm
Side lap: 105mm
Step: 19mm
Batten gauge (0.45mm): 365mm
Individual tile width: 165mm
Roof cover per tile panel: 0.48m2
Slate panels per m2: 2.08
Steel base: 0.45mm
Weight as laid per m2: 7kg
Base coat: Acrylic resin
Top coat: Stone granules with clear acrylic overglaze
Colours available: Titanium grey, Bramble Brown, Tartan Green, Rustic Terracotta
Chemical resistance: Unaffected by normal pollution
Biological resistance: Non toxic fungicide incorporated
Fire resistance: AA classification equal to traditional roof tiles and slates
Fixings: The contractor shall utilise the roofing manufacturers recommended fixings and sealant
Ventilation: Roof ventilation should meet recommendations of Building Regulations 1991 (amended ‘92, ‘94). Approved Document F2 1995 ‘Condensation in roofs’, BS 5250: 1989′ Control of condensation’.


Profile 49


Composite Metal


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