Britmet Synthetic Lightweight LiteSlate Tiles (Pack of 22)


Britmet LiteSlate Tiles are high performance, synthetic and lightweight tiles that offer all the attractive visual qualities of slate, without any risk of deterioration. They’re also cost-effective and available in a range of authentic colours.

Featuring easy and visible fixing locations, pre-installed spacers and easy to follow lapping instructions, LiteSlates can also be installed without the need for specialist slate cutters or tools, they simply require a sharp fine tooth saw or a sharp blade. Once installed, these synthetic roof tiles from Britmet won’t crack, break, chip or delaminate thanks to their unique design and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

  • Gives your roof a traditional slate appearance
  • Comes with riven edges and an authentic surface
  • Comes in a range of unique colours to choose from
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Low Pitch
  • Won’t break, chip or crack
  • Quick to install
  • Cost-effective & virtually maintenance-free
  • Fully Dry-fixed
  • Guaranteed for 40-years against weather penetration


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