Hybrid is a Hub for Commercial and Residential Roofing System with a 50 years Warranty on our Roofing Products. We understand the dynamics and importance of having an effective roof over your head and we are poised at delivering an excellent roofing system for you. We are a team of dedicated professionals and experienced Architects, Engineers and Technicians that specializes in Roof Construction, positioned to give the best result for your structure. 

Hybrid commenced business in 2012 with the intent of being a one stop shop/ Hub for Roofing products and services, with the ultimate aim of being positioned at the fore-front of construction engineering, project management and consultancy, especially for the distribution of top-quality roofing sheets with fundamental features of soundproof, light weight and durability. 

We offer the best services that money can buy, our clients all over the world are satisfied and it’s our duty to always keep our customers satisfied with excellent services.

Our  company has remained true to her original vision by delivering excellent roofing systems to its customers and will continue to set the standard for high quality products in the country. 

Following a successful commencement of Hybrid Roofmart Ltd operations in October 2015, the company began construction services, which includes; roofing, roof restoration & installation, water proofing, rain gutter system, service & maintenance and training that has contributed to the company’s growth over the years. 

This company records an average distribution volume of over 36,000sqm roofing sheet per annum. Hybrid is poised to deliver resolute roofing solutions to its customers’ doorstep. We know the value of having a Quality Roof over your structure, that’s why we are established to serve and guide you. 

Over the next 5 years, Hybrid’s vision is to be among the top 5 players in the industry via building strong institutional processes and profitable growth. This mission will be supported by refining the business model to ensure strong focus on key services and markets and strengthening the operating model to enable effective product and service delivery.